2021 Silver Prism Award - Project Manager of the Year

Gold Coast Builders Association – Florida

Coppola Brothers LLC, Project Manager, Chad Montalvo is our Project & Logistics Manager as well as the Director of our North Carolina Operations. Chad, his wife Liz and young daughter Harper, moved from New Jersey to North Carolina in 2019 as the company expanded into the North Carolina market. He has over 20 years of experience in the construction trades. Chad’s true passion has been residential construction. He enjoys the feeling of satisfaction you get when making someone’s dream come true and creating something with your hands is a feeling unlike any other. He has worked for his father, larger firms as well as owned his own company.

To highlight how Chad functions, at one point recently, the company had fourteen jobs in production at the same time in Vermont, New Jersey, and Florida. Two of the jobs were commercial and two of them were high-end residential projects. Chad’s ability to handle the coordination between all the different disciplines across different job types was exceptional. Often Chad will travel to our various locations to ensure the job was operating seamlessly and our customers are satisfied with the Coppola Brothers team.

Chad’s strengths are, with the help of his Site Supervisors, the day-to-day on-job tasks, logistics, estimating and change orders, quality control, official correspondence, trade management, scheduling and any production tasks. He keeps his team focused on what they need to do daily to ensure the job gets done correctly and on time. One of his key strengths is his ability to manage multiple projects in multiple locations and states effectively while multi-tasking with other action items.

This Testimonial sums up our Project Manager, Chad:

“Chad was the perfect project manager for our construction. We had some complicated systems as well as a dual use space: half manufacturing and half tasting room. During the eight months of our project there was never a time where he was unreachable. He had answers to a multitude of building questions and if he didn’t have an immediate answer, he’s get us one within 24 hours, usually in under 2 hours. All the subcontractors respected him and he was able to get them to meet or exceed expectations when we were under time pressure to hit milestones. He’s plain spoken. He doesn’t mince words or waste time. He was the perfect project manager to get things done on a tight schedule.” -Jeff Donlon, Owner, Sunken Silo Brew Works – CBLLC Customer

We are very lucky to have Chad on the Coppola Brothers Team. Chad, congratulations on all your accomplishments and on the Silver 2021 Prism Award for Project Manager of the Year!