Frequently Asked Questions


  • You get what you pay for, and we believe a free estimate is worth just that; nothing. We provide a forensic analysis of the plans, show where your money will be going, and set a realistic timeline for the project. This first step we call the Pre-Construction Analysis, where get clarity on the scope, price, and timeline BEFORE you decide to hire us to do the construction.
  • We charge a nominal fee for this research project and our customers appreciate the fact that we do our homework first.

  • From the very first meeting, we align your vision for the project with the budget, scope of work, and the timeline. We like to collaborate with you the owner, architect, the bank/budget, and the design(er) from the beginning.
  • We love working with friends and family. We are fans of our customers and want you to be fans of us. Our win-win culture makes for a not only a better final result for your project, but the experience during construction as enjoyable as possible.

  • If you don’t have a set of architectural prints then you might not need a Certified Master Builder.
  • Proper planning prevents poor performance.

  • Florida has the strictest licensing requirements in the country. Florida Certified Master Builders must meet additional, strict requirements and demonstrate a proven track record of building expertise, business stability, integrity, and exceptional customer service. There are only 37 in the state of Florida.
  • A Florida Certified Master Builder qualification is one of the highest standards in the entire U.S.A.