2016 Awards of Excellence Best Historic Residential Renovation

Metropolitan Builders and Contractors Association of New Jersey


This Weehawken project was a restoration of a mid-19th Century Eclectic Italianate single family home to its original splendor. The hilltop residence has breathtaking views of Manhattan across the Hudson, however, this feature was sadly unappreciated until our rehabilitation of the upper floors.

Over the years the home had been converted to a multi-tenant apartment house and then back to a single family home. When we were first introduced to the project it was in grave disrepair and owned by an elderly couple who only inhabited the first floor. It had been a decade since the couple had ventured upstairs, so they lived unaware of the escalating damage weather and age was reaping on the upper floors. Structural framing was compromised, repair of the copper roof was needed and stained glass windows, decorative cast brass hardware, inlaid flooring, detailed wood trim, electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems all were in desperate need of repair.

After 7 months of tedious work performed by exceptional craftsman, the house has been restored to its original grandeur and upgraded to 21st Century standards. It is home to a vibrant young family who can thrive in this renewed, fresh, clean and safe environment. Through their vision, we turned back time. Today when you cross the threshold you are struck by the revitalized beauty of the restored sprawling chestnut wood staircase, the crisp, freshly painted wood wainscot and trim, the glimmering brass hardware and the cascades of floral and vine wallcovering that carry your eye up to rest upon the sparkling stained glass windows at the 2nd floor landing. Around the home, original flooring, windows and moldings were restored to their original glory. In addition, a kitchen was crafted to preserve the charm of the house. All original cast brass hardware was restored throughout the home.

Beyond aesthetics, all internal workings of the home were upgraded to 21st century standards. All  new plumbing and electric were installed, as well as central air, heated bathroom floors, alarm systems and internet wiring.​  The copper roof was repaired and re-engineered as well as the compromised framing.

The family moved into the home once all work was finished and is thrilled with the results. They more than doubled the value of their original investment and are continually asked to sell. Of course, after their attention to detail to provide their home with all of the features exactly as they desired, they will continue to live there and enjoy the fruits of our labor and their vision.