Coppola Brothers LLC

Who Is Coppola Brothers?

We are an Award Winning, Fully Bonded, Residential Remodeling and Renovation Construction Management company in the residential and historic renovation market with a robust infrastructure in multiple states with multiple resources available to ensure the clients job gets done properly with quality.

Who Is Frank R. Coppola, III?

Frank Coppola has been in the construction industry for over 20 years.  After graduating from Gettysburg College with a business degree, Frank enjoyed a 10-year career on Wall Street as an International Equity Trader. Frank brings a strong business sense and array of knowledge of construction to his business.  His company, Coppola Brothers LLC is a marque construction and project management company in the residential, commercial and historic renovation/remodeling market; licensed in Florida, New Jersey and North Carolina.  He currently serves as:

  • Florida Home Builders Associations Political Action Committee (FHBA PAC) Chairman of the Board
  • Florida Certified Master Builders (FCMB) Chairman of the Board
  • Director Palm Beach County Building Code Advisory Board (PBC BCAB)
  • Immediate Past President Gold Coast Builders Association (GCBA)

He has been married to his favorite wife Miranda for over 25 years, and have two sons; Mitchell and Joseph whom Coppola Brothers is named after.

Links to all the above organizations can be found HERE.

We are License in Multiple States!

With licenses in multiple states like Florida, New Jersey and North Carolina, clients can expect the same type of service they receive in one state as they do the other.  We assist “Snowbirds” from the northeast realize their winter dreams by helping them on their home up north, as well as in Florida.  We offer “one stop shopping” for all your construction needs!

We are a Florida Certified Master Builder

Why is that a “Good Thing”!

In the state of Florida, owner Frank Coppola, is a Florida Certified Master Builder (FCMB).  This is an honor to be part of this elite group of Home Builders, Remodelers and Commercial Contractors who are dedicated to excellence in building and client satisfaction. The builders who request certification hold themselves to a higher standard than required by the State of Florida for licensure.  Florida Certified Master Builders must meet strict requirements and demonstrate a proven track record of building expertise, business stability, integrity and exceptional customer service. Their education, design and product research requirements keep them in tune with the latest building practices and design trends.  This certification was created to help consumers find a builder they can trust.

How Do We Work?

Coppola Brothers LLC employs its dedicated team to manage its trusted trade specific subcontractors to make sure a clients job is carried out accurately, safely, and cost-effectively. We are renowned in the industry through our consistent track record of delivering the best quality services with unparalleled service. Clients project will be perfect upon completion, and our goal is to make the process as enjoyable as possible.  (See our “Testimonials” to learn more about how clients feel about us!)

Coppola Brothers helps to inspire clients to “Design, Create and Build” their vision!


Meet The Team

Coppola Brothers is comprised of construction and project management professionals who have had years of experience. Our management team alone has over 100 years in the construction industry. Our seasoned team of experts makes sure that your project is executed on time, within your budget, and with the superior standards that regularly exceed client expectations.

Awards & Certifications