2021 Silver Prism Award -
Digital Marketing & Advertising Website -
Over 5 Pages

Gold Coast Builders Association – Florida

When Coppola Brothers LLC realized we needed to revamp our website, we wanted to make it as user friendly, and FRIENDLY as possible. The new website uses WordPress and Flywheel to build and host the website, and it is integrated with Buildertrend’s project management software. Over the past two years, these are some of the “renovations” we made:

• Cover Page – This page reflects us as a “DOG FRIENDLY” company with owners Frank and Miranda Coppola’s dog, Bentley highlighted on the front with Sunflowers. Our contact information is easily accessible for prospective clients.

• “New Pull-Down Menus” – Our pull down menus at the top give users the ability to quickly search and access information about us.

• “Pay Now” – This is a new feature that gives clients the ability to pay their bill on-line.

• “About” – You can learn about how we started, can meet our team, and a quick summary of our accomplishments and organizations we are members of. Each member of our team has shared a “DOG” story and a photo of their favorite dog.
• “Florida Certified Master Builder (FCMB)” – Owner Frank Coppola is a member of an elite group of builders in the State of Florida, it is called FCMB. We have a new tab that describes what it is and the true importance of having this as a credential and honor as a contractor.

• “Resources” – Need a good resource when looking for a contractor, we added a “Resources” tab. You can find articles our owner, Frank Coppola did and a recent Podcast Frank with home loan expert, Sean Thompson, about finding a good contractor. There are published articles there to help educate clients when looking for a contractor and more. We have included articles about women in construction, one of which team member Linda Garvey wrote, and links to what other industry experts have to say.

• “Challenge Coins” – Owner, Frank Coppola has a passion for “Challenge Coins”. We have a pull-down tab that explains more about what these are, you will need to visit the tab to understand more, it is fascinating!

• “Testimonials” – We have added more “Testimonials” from residential, commercial and vendor clients who share their experience of doing business with Coppola Brothers.

• “Portfolio” – This tab highlights what we call a “Featured Property”, we call to attention a long-term client and their beautiful historic homes transition over the years with Coppola Brothers.

• “Coppola Brothers At Work” – We have added some photos of our team at work.

• “Galleries” – We have an array of different galleries that can be viewed of jobs we have taken on, showing our work from start to finish.

• “Event Participation” – As members of four (4) Home Builders Associations (HBA’s) in the markets we do business in, our teams are involved in many of the events and activities offered through them. This tab highlights some of the fun activities we are involved with while often contributing back to the organization and to the community.

The success of our website is due to the efforts of Coppola Brothers, Executive Officer–Operations, Linda Garvey as well as our Buildertrend web designer, Julia Thompson. Linda spent hours and hours of time to organize our photos so they tell story on many of our jobs over the years and works to keep our website fresh with new photos and company accomplishments. Thank you, this award is for you! Congratulations Linda!