2020 Silver Prism Award - Dream Kitchen $125K - $325K

Gold Coast Builders Association – Florida

This home in West Palm Beach had two renovations going at the same time, the kitchen and master bathroom. The homeowners requested an open floor plan for the kitchen that combined elegance with functionality, and a barrier-free environment. The new kitchen space had to combine a kitchen, laundry, dining room and casual eating area to encompass the beautiful view out their backyard. The master bath needed a barrier-free shower and custom cabinetry to match the owner’s couture taste.

Construction craftsmanship was typical and traditional with maple cabinetry, level-floor granite, and stainless steel appliances. Special features in this project were hidden laundry room, couture cabinetry, hand-made tile and barrier free shower.

Part of the project required removing a bearing wall that supported the original construction plus a previous renovation proved to be a unique and high hurdle. Creating temporary supports to remove the existing wall and inserting new steel beams was a challenge. The end result transformed the central part of the house from a fractured, impractical, three different rooms into one functional, barrier-free, open-air living space.