2019 Awards of Excellence Best Remodeled Kitchen over $150k

Metropolitan Builders and Contractors Association of New Jersey


Coppola Brothers, LLC produced an extreme make-over at the Dixon residence to deliver a DREAM kitchen.

Overcoming the unexpected challenge of having to re-frame the entire room to remedy shoddy construction by the original builder, a bearing wall in the middle of the space was removed providing dramatic results.

The planning of contemporary cabinetry was customized with over 14 plan revisions, to drill down on the minutia of each drawer’s accessory. Every option for this kitchen was included; peg-board dividers for plates, adjustable shelves for pull-out shelves, and extra heavy-duty hardware.

The granite included state of the art TopZero stainless steel sinks fitted by CNC machines. The giant slabs required 6 men to install them and then were tirelessly hand polished.

The best part of this kitchen renovation was that the owners not only love the kitchen but USE every bit of it. Newly retired, the owners get to further explore their passions for cooking and entertaining to their own delight and the enjoyment of friends and family.

Coppola Brothers, LLC is proud to have served the Dixons and produced such an important revitalization to their home.