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Press Release From Clinton, New Jersey July 2021 – Coppola Brothers LLC, Coppola Brothers LLC, a Construction and Project Management company in the residential, historic and commercial renovation/remodeling market, holds a certificate for historic renovations through the NJ Public Works Contractor program enabling them to bid on a project at the famous Red Mill Museum Village The Red Mill was built in 1810 and used for wool processing, grinding feed, flour, and stone plaster, and later added an adjacent quarry to the property. In 1860, a two-family tenant house was added to the property to house quarry workers. The challenge was to renovate this 162 year-old historic structure back to its original specifications. This project was under scrutiny by the Executive Director of the Red Mill Paul Muir (also the mayor of a neighboring town). Muir states “This home preserves the stories of those who have been lost to time, the homes of the well known and wealthy still exist, this house is a rare opportunity to share the home and story of the workers who sustained the region for many years.” Also supervising were the  the Red Mill board of directors, the Red Mill’s Curator of Collections Elizabeth Cole, town construction and code officials, historic architect, Michael Margulies of Eclectic Architecture, and Planner Haley McAlpine from the New Jersey Historic Trust who funded the project through a  capital grant. Coppola Brothers recently received the Award of Excellence from Metropolitan Builders and Contractors Association of New Jersey Home – Metropolitan Builders & Contractors Association of New Jersey ( for “Best Historical Renovation” for this project!

Press Release From New Jersey July 2021 – Coppola Brothers LLC, a Construction and Project Management company in the residential, historic and commercial renovation/remodeling market, recently won Metropolitan Builders and Contractors Association of New Jersey’s (Metro) Award of Excellence for the “Best Commercial Renovation” for its project at Quantum Wellness in Bedminster, New Jersey.  Quantum Wellness is owned by Ken Kaplin, his center helps individuals to reach their mind and body balance through different experiences such as flotation therapy, Reiki healing, acupressure, massage & reflexology therapy, Vinyasa Yoga, infared sauna and Cryo therapy.

Coppola Brothers was called to complete this project as a result of a contractor who failed to meet quality standards and retain budget control.  As a bonded and bank validated builder, Coppola Brothers was able to facilitate a revised construction loan and coordinate new as-built architectural plans.  After months of cleaning up from the prior contractor, Coppola Brothers met with an additional challenge after owner, Ken Kaplan, fired the original architect.  Coppola Brothers brought in Kenneth Fox of Fox Architectural Design to bring the job across the finish line. Our construction work speaks for itself, however, the company is proud of the personal friendships that were made with the owner, the owner’s staff, and all involved from Coppola Brothers.

New Release – Palm Beach, Florida, October 20, 2021

Owner of Coppola Brothers LLC, Construction and Project Management, Frank Coppola of West Palm Beach, Florida, recently collaborated with Florida builder Ray Puzzitiello of Puzzitiello Builders LLC of Palm Beach, Florida, they talked about being a member of an elite group of builders in the Florida Certified Master Builder Program (FCMB).  They discussed the benefits of being a FCMB, as a result of that discussion, a Press Release was created.  Below is a quick summary of attributes the FCMB program looks for:

As of 2021 there less than 40 Florida Certified Master Builders in the entire state of Florida! These elite Home Builders, Remodelers and Commercial Contractors are dedicated to excellence in building and client satisfaction. These builders hold themselves to a higher standard than required by the State of Florida for licensure. They are:

• Highly skilled professionals
• Reliable and ethical individuals
• Current on the latest trends and techniques
• Someone who takes pride in their work
• More knowledgeable than other builders

To learn more about their discussion and read the Press Release, click here: Palm Beach Contractors News Release